Jun 23 - Sep 15 2020

Dazzle On: Ancient Made Modern


Empowering and romantic, Antichità Alberto Di Castro’s ancient jewels create a beautiful dialogue between the past and present; they were very fashionable at the time and still so modern today. Castellani and Giuliano Archaeological Revival brooches, 19th century giallone gold earrings and bracelets and a Pichler gem characterize the variety and quality of the jewels presented for the sale. They are a result of the Di Castro’s taste and love for ancient jewels, collected and studied in the years by Alberto, and published by his daughter Denise in "The Castellani Jewelry Workshop. An Approach Under the Lens of Archival Material". Photographer Ludovica Forcina, born in Los Angeles and raised in Rome, Italy, came to the gallery in Piazza di Spagna and photographed Alberto’s two daughters, Simonetta, Denise and Romana Mastrella, wearing the ancient jewels. Her photographs shed light on the jewel’s wearable and modern look. Artworks need to convey emotions, move or connect with the viewer. In this period of world lockdown, we cannot travel to show our jewels in art fairs and exhibitions. Therefore, we experimented a new way of exhibiting them virtually, while still maintaining a personal touch. Browse the catalogue and contact us for further information or HD photographs on +39 335420880 or info@dicastro.com, and dazzle on!
  • Jun 23 - Sep 15 2020

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