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Selected Artworks

The Castellani

Rome, second half 19th century

Luigi Valadier

Rome, 1726-1785

Giuseppe Maggiolini

Parabiago, 1738 – 1814

Giovanni d’Ambrogio

Rome and Florence, between 1382 and 1418


Rome, 1st century B.C., with 19th century restorations

Taddeo Zuccari

(attributed to) Sant’Angelo in Vado, 1529 – Rome, 1566

Baldassarre Peruzzi

Sovicille, 1481 – Roma, 1536

Archaeological Revival Jeweler

Rome, 1870 ca.

Jaques Vigoureux Duplessis

1680 circa, - Paris, 1732

Detached fresco of a Saint

Rome, early 8th century

Tabletop with colored marble tiles

Rome, end 18th century

Medicea Galleria dei Lavori Workshop

Florence, 1652 – 1725

Giuseppe Merlini

Rome, 1755 – 1757

Collection of 50 cigar-shaped, tropical-wood samples

France, end 19th century

Carlo and Arturo Giuliano

London, second half 19th century

Penitent Magdalene

Florence, first half 17th century

Carlo & Arturo Giuliano

London, second half 19th century

Writing desk with carved and drilled railing

Berlin, first half 19th century

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