Jul 2 - Jul 16 2020

The Ideal Grand Tour


On the occasion of London Art Week Digital, are pleased to welcome you to our online exhibition entitled "The Ideal Grand Tour" which includes artworks from the 14th to the 19th century, all characterized by important provenances, variety and intriguing stories.  

Baldassarre Peruzzi's Three Graces

One of our London Art Week highlights is the Three Graces, a detached fresco painted in the early sixteenth century by painter and architect Baldassare Peruzzi.   This fresco reveals Peruzzi’s interest in antiquity, as he chose a mythological iconography dating back to the Hellenistic period. It also recalls the Tree Graces by Raphael, who as Peruzzi, worked at Villa Farnesina for Agostino Chigi, painting the famous Galatea and Loggia di Amore e Psyche. Raphael and Peruzzi may have used the same iconographic source, the Roman marble statue of the Three Graces located in the Libreria Piccolomini di Siena, Peruzzi’s hometown.   Prominent scholars such as Morelli, Frommel, Berenson and Venturi wrote about this fresco. According to Freedberg, it may have come from the Rocca di Ostia. It was subsequently detached from the wall and transformed into an independent painting, becoming part of the Chigi collection. Finally, Freedberg and Zeri underscored the fresco’s passage from the Chigi collection to the Zellerbach collection of San Francisco.   The detached fresco has been recently rediscovered and is exhibited for the first time after its conservation, finally bringing back to light the work as it was conceived by Peruzzi.
  • Jul 2 - Jul 16 2020



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